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For Potential Grantees

What is the mission of the CLARIFI Initiative?

CLARIFI aims to contribute to raising US$10 billion by 2030 and strategically deploying public and private funds to scale up the formal recognition of Indigenous Peoples’, Afro-descendant Peoples’, and local communities’ land rights, conservation, and sustainable management of their territories.

How can my community apply for a CLARIFI grant?

Announcements of grant opportunities will be posted on this website. CLARIFI grants are available to RRI coalition members and the broader IP and LC network, as well as the Campaign for Nature network. Your project should align with thematic priorities, demonstrate local ownership, scalability, and potential impact. Stay tuned for announcements on grant opportunities.

What types of projects does CLARIFI fund?

CLARIFI supports projects that enhance tenure security, advocacy and legal support; conservation and resource management; organizational capacity; environmental/human rights defenders; Indigenous/local economies, and gender justice. Projects should align with one or more of these thematic priority areas and contribute to long-term impact.

For Potential Partners

How can my organization collaborate with CLARIFI?

CLARIFI values partnerships with organizations sharing our mission. If your organization works in line with our thematic priorities, and you can demonstrate local ownership and alignment, reach out to us for potential collaboration at communications (at) rightsandresources.org.

What resources can CLARIFI offer its partners?

CLARIFI provides technical expertise, funding support ranging from $100,000 to $1 million, and serves as a financial intermediary for organizations that need a partner to manage larger grants ($1-$50 million) to advance justice, conservation, climate, and development goals.

Is geographic location a factor for partnership eligibility?

CLARIFI operates globally, with a focus on low and middle-income countries, particularly those not covered by other mechanisms. Projects should have clear complementarity with existing efforts.

For Potential Donors

How does CLARIFI ensure transparency and impact with donor funds?

All projects are reviewed by the CLARIFI Steering Committee, technical team, and experts at Rights and Resources Initiative. Once approved, funded activities adhere to established financial management and reporting standards.

Can I specify which thematic priority my donation supports?

Yes, you can express preferences for specific thematic windows. Your contribution will align with the chosen priority area.

General Inquiries

What differentiates CLARIFI from other initiatives?

CLARIFI uniquely combines formal land rights recognition with innovative conservation financing. We empower communities for sustainable development while fostering conservation efforts.

How can I stay updated on CLARIFI's progress?

Regularly check the CLARIFI, RRI and CfN official websites, social media, and newsletters for updates on project developments, partnerships, and initiatives.

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2021–2023 Action Plan

Current phase



  • Indigenous, community, and Afro-descendant representatives
  • Donors
  • Governments



  • Gaps
  • Funding requirements
  • Design options



  • Detailed proposal for the coordingating mechanism, funding, and governance



  • Secure anchor investors from private and public donors



  • Legal framework including the coordinating mechanism, Board, and operating policies



  • Small coordinating group
  • Nimble processes
  • System of accountability



  • Pipeline development
  • First grants